Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How does attitude affect safety?

It has everything to do with safety. If you do not have a level of AWARENESS of what is going on around you then you are a victim waiting to be taken advantage of.

You develop this level of AWARENESS by developing your attitude about you and how much you value you and your loved ones.

You have to have the right attitude to be able to develop a level of AWARENESS. Either your safety and that of your loved ones is important to you or it isn't.

You must have an attitude that you will not be a victim. That you will fight back. That you will know what is going on around you, at all times. That you will take whatever measures necessary, within your abilities, to limit your vulnerabilities.

Attitude is the difference between being a victim or not. If you develop a system of AWARENESS by your attitude you are less likely to be a victim because you will not put yourself in a position of being a victim or you will recognize a situation as one you need to get away from immediately.

Attitude is the willingness to train yourself in this system of AWARENESS. Attitude is what makes you practice AWARENESS until it becomes a habit and is second nature to you. Attitude develops AWARENESS which develops your sixth sense which may well keep you alive some day.

If you have an attitude that you are invincible, that it can't happen to you, that you are in a safe place, that no one wants to hurt you, than welcome to the victim category, it is only a matter of time before you are one. Hopefully you survive without too much damage.