Friday, October 30, 2009


Sit down, clear your mind for a few minutes and listen up.

Walk with me through a scenario that may well occur in your lifetime.

Close your eyes and picture this in your mind.

You are sitting at home relaxing with your family and doing the normal stuff you and your family do on any given weekday.

You are watching your favorite program and suddenly the network breaks in with an emetrgency bulletin. There has been a natural disaster in your area. There has been a terrorist attack in your area. There has been an incident in your area that will have long term lasting effects and your average day, as you knew it, no longer exists.

Everything has been turned upside down. There is no social order anymore. There are riots in the streets. There are maurading gangs roaming your area. All civil order is gone and it's every man for himself.

There are no Police or Emeregncy Services available as they are all tied up with whatever the emergency is. You can not depend on anyone coming to your aid.

You are on your own.

Now what?

If you have never considered this scenario it is time you did because it can happen in the blink of an eye and you had better be prepared.

You have to understand that in this type of a scenario, normal life is suspended. You can not go the gas station to get gas. There is none, or the electricity is off and the pumps won't work.

There is limited food at the grocery store. What they have is all they got because there will be no more deliveries anytime soon.

You will not be able to refill your subscriptions for life saving drugs.

There will be no medical help available and no Police response avaiable. You are on your own and so is your family and they are dependent on you to protect them, no one else will.

So what do you do?

All you can do is prepare for just such a scenario as best you can. Stockpile food and water if you can. Stockpile emergency equipment like first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, water treatment tablets and weapons and ammo.

Be prepared to use deadly force if necessary and get trained on the weapons of your choice. Pray you never need them but be prepared in case you do. If possible train all members of your family in the proper use of the weapons of your choice.

Stockpile food and water but don't tell anyone about it. You don't want anyone else knowing of your stash. Camoflauge it from normal visitors to your home. You don't want anyone outside your family knowing what you have. Caution family members about telling others about it.

Develop an action plan for your family. What will they do? Who will be responsible for what? What will their duties be? What will they do if you are not home at the time or can't get home. Set up a rally point for everyone if your home becomes unsafe to stay in. Have a secondary place to meet. If you control the secondary rally point, stock it too.

If society, as you know it, completely breaks down than people will revert to their survival instincts which means they will intend to survive even if it means they have to take your supplies and/or your life to do so.

Everything I speak of goes back to AWARENESS. Be aware of what is going on around you and the potential of could occur and be prepared ahead of time. Only you can prepare you, no one else will do it for you and if it hits the fan there is no one available to assist you and show you what to do. All those that teach this stuff for a living will be doing exactly what they teach, for their families, they will have no time for you, you are on your own. You are responsible for you and you are responsible for YOUR family. YOU are the only help available. PREPARE OR PERISH.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Pay attention folks the Holiday season is creeping up on us. Pretty soon you will all be out there hitting the malls and looking to get a step ahead of the Christmas rush. BE CAREFUL.

The bad boys will be out there doing their Christmas shopping too. Only problem is they seldom shop in the stores. They like to shop at the mall too but usually they do their shopping in the parking lot.

They also like to shop in other parking lots, like at the Metro Stations, Sports Complexes and any place where there are large parking lots, medium parking lots and even small parking lots like at strip malls. They have their shopping list too.

AWARENESS, it is your best defense. Be AWARE of who and what is around you. Look around before you get out of your car. Look around before you approach your car. Don't even think of going to your car if someone is hanging around near it. Doesn't matter if they look harmless, don't trust them. Better safe than sorry. Wait a few minutes and see if they leave the area. If they don't go back in the mall and ask one of the security guys to escort you to your car.

Don't park in unlighted areas or near bushes or large stanchions (poles), people hide behind them. Carry mace if the law allows it or have your keys in between your fingers pointing out so you can use them as a weapon if necessary. The bad boys may want more than just your money, packages or your car. Assume the worst and be prepared to react against it.

Keep in mind that everybody is hurting this season and there may well be more folks out looking for a quick buck than in normal times. People are getting desperate and there is no telling what they may do these days, especially at a time of year where they are expected to bring the kids home some presents.

Don't dress real fancy. Dress down. Don't give people the impression that you have money. Don't drive the Mercedes to the mall take a different vehicle if you have one. Don't do or act in any way that draws attention to yourself as one of means, you will invite an attack. People are frustrated, scared, broke, and unemployed; and those are the nice people.

Be prepared when you go on your shopping spree and go in groups if possible. Rent a van if you have to. It's the lone shopper that gets targeted more than anyone else.

Don't take your normal purse when you go shopping. Leave it at home. Buy a cheap purse for your make up or whatever but keep your cash and credit cards in your pockets. Put a few dollars in the purse just to make Mr. Bad Guy happy. If they grab for your purse, let them have it. If your cash, credit cards and identification are in your pocket than you lose nothing. Its called a bait purse, give it to them if they want it. You could even put some nasty stuff inside for their enjoyment; what you put in it I'll leave up to you. Just use your imagination, have a little fun with it.

Enjoy shopping, just be careful out there.

Now go read the other safety and securuty tips on this blog to see what to do when you get home with all the goodies.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you looked over your shoulder lately?

Is anyone following you? How would you know?

Have you ever looked over your shoulder? Your life may depend on it. It is called AWARENESS of what is going on around you, and yes, behind you. Threats don't normally come from the front.

Start looking behind yourself once in awhile.

Does the same person seem to be behind you on more than two occasions? Is the same vehicle behind you everytime you make a turn?

Are you even aware of what is going on behind you? Has it ever occurred to you that someone may be following you just looking for an opportunity to get you alone?

Think about it, expect it, prepare for it. It could happen to you.

Not all bad guys are opportunists. Some of these guys actually plan things. Some of these guys are very well organized. It is their profession and they are professionals at it. They plan their work and they work their plan just like you do. Do not underestimate these people. They are very good at what they do.

It is up to you to screw up their plans. Only problem is you have no way of knowing if you have been targeted.

So what can you do? How am I supposed to plan for an attack if I have no idea one is coming you ask. Well, you can't. The whole idea behind their plan is that you have no idea it is coming so you can't make a plan.

But you can have a stategy. It is called AWARENESS. Know what is going on around you, all the time, not just occasionally. Consider yourself a potential victim that circumstances haven't caught up to yet.

Develop a strategy that makes it harder to become a victim. How do you do that? Simple. Look around, all the time, everytime, no matter where you are or how safe you think you are.

Look for the same person or vehicle constantly showing up where you are or going in the same direction you are going.

Look for behavior patterns in people that doesn't seem to fit the behavior of others in the area. Are they acting differently than everyone else? Do they avoid eye contact? Do they go in the opposite direction if you look at them and then show back up where you are?

Have they attempted to contact you in a "very" friendly manner? What did they ask you and why?

Is their clothing appropriate for where you are at? Are there any bulges in their clothing?

What do their eyes tell you? Are you comfortable with what you see in their eyes? Are their eyes constantly searching the area around them and you?

Does anything at all about them make you uncomfortable? Doesn't matter if it makes sense or not this is your sixth sense telling you something is not right. Trust your gut instinct. It is a survival tool.

Practice, Practive, Practice until it becomes a habit that you unconciously do. It may well save your life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


The world is in turmoil. Unemployment is rising. People are losing their homes. Crime is increasing. People are scared. How will you react?

You can HOPE the government will protect you and you can also play the lottery. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.

IT IS UP TO YOU, to protect yourself and your family. DO NOT depend on the Government to be there when you need them.

Now is the time to learn some self preservation. The average person does not have the physical ability to be able to protect themselves let alone their family. Most folks don't have the physical ability to engage in hand to hand combat with the predators out there.

With the current economic climate do not be suprised if the states start letting criminals out of jail, enmass. The states can no longer afford to feed and house these people. That means they will let more predators back out on the streets to prey on you and your family. The majority of these guys have no prospects whatsoever of getting a job and have no other option but to prey on the innocent.

It is time to arm yourself appropriately and get trained in the use and deployment of arms. You must know under what circumstances you may use deadly force and then you must know how to employ it when needed.

At an absolute minimum you need a handgun and a shotgun. A rifle would be a good idea too because it allows you to reach out and touch someone a lot easier.

With the Government's current attitude on guns it may be soon that you find you will no longer be able to obtain weapons for your protection. The time to prepare is now.

You can no longer expect your representatives in the state and federal government to protect your second amendment rights. The want and intend to do away with your right to keep and bear arms. They do not want guns in the hands of the citizens. It makes it harder to control us.

They no longer care if you become a victim, it's not their problem. These are the guys that have government appointed security personnel or can well afford to hire their own. They are already protected, but what about you and your family?

You MUST make the decision to step up and assume the responsibilty for your own protection, do not leave it up to someone else.

If and when it all hits the fan you may well find yourself standing alone. Don't be standing there unarmed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009



The bottom line is this. It’s your bottom. The way things are today there is no guarantee your assailant won’t hurt you anyway, so make him work for it.

Can you get seriously injured or killed by resisting? Yes, you certainly can. SO CAN HE.

Don’t bother to resist however if your not willing to fight with everything you have and to fight to the death, preferably his.

Like I said; it’s not a physical thing, it’s a mental thing. If you’re willing to you can.

Resistance to an attack doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical confrontation.

There are numerous articles on the market that can be purchased for twenty dollars or less that do nothing but make noise.

These items are meant to be carried on the person and emit loud piercing sounds at the touch of a button. The noise itself may scare your assailant away because it also attracts the attention of others in the area.

However it is nice to know that you have numerous items that you carry around with you everyday that can be converted to a weapon if necessary.

You may never have the opportunity to use them in the initial confrontation but it’s nice to know that they are available for future use if the opportunity presents itself.

Such as your assailant turns his back, goes to sleep or leaves you alone for a period of time.

Remember, you are not totally vulnerable unless you choose to be.


Now let’s look in the girls’ purses and see what we find.

Hairspray! Boy is this great.

Sprayed in the eyes it’s sure to blind the guy.

Spayed up his nose and he won’t know what happened.

Used in conjunction with a BIC lighter you can have a barbecue and your assailant gets to be the main course. Just be sure to carry a can that’s at least half full. Don’t want to run out of fuel halfway through the cookout.

Now if you use this technique only spray in short bursts so the flame doesn’t come back and blow you up with the spray can. This is a very dangerous technique, use at your own risk.

What else is in there? Aha! Perfume spray.

Try spraying in his mouth and eyes. It may make him sick enough to let go and will also makes him easy to identify by smell.

If he doesn’t like your brand of perfume he may leave you alone to begin with.

If he likes it, well, then you’ve got a problem. So, reach for something else.

At least you’ll be having a good smelling fight going on.

What’s this, a wad of money? Throw it in the air away from you.

If he wants your money he’ll let you go, if he wants you then reach for something else.

Credit Cards. What woman is without them?

Held between the thumb and fingers you can charge him.

Rake it across the bridge of his nose or eyes. Don’t worry about breaking it. If it breaks it just makes a better weapon because now it has jagged edges. Besides, you can always get a new card reissued.

Hat Pins. No one carries them anymore except little old ladies about ninety-eight years old or your grandmother.


Put it in your purse where you can easily reach it. Stab the sucker anywhere you can with it. It will get his attention.

Letter openers are just a larger version of the hat- pin trick.

Cellular Telephones. Probably one of the greatest safety inventions ever conceived. Aside from the fact that it’s one more item you can bounce off the guy’s head you can also use them to call for help, PRIOR to being attacked.

Assuming you see it coming. (AWARENESS) Cell phones can also be used to summon help or medical assistance in the event you become a victim.