Friday, October 30, 2009


Sit down, clear your mind for a few minutes and listen up.

Walk with me through a scenario that may well occur in your lifetime.

Close your eyes and picture this in your mind.

You are sitting at home relaxing with your family and doing the normal stuff you and your family do on any given weekday.

You are watching your favorite program and suddenly the network breaks in with an emetrgency bulletin. There has been a natural disaster in your area. There has been a terrorist attack in your area. There has been an incident in your area that will have long term lasting effects and your average day, as you knew it, no longer exists.

Everything has been turned upside down. There is no social order anymore. There are riots in the streets. There are maurading gangs roaming your area. All civil order is gone and it's every man for himself.

There are no Police or Emeregncy Services available as they are all tied up with whatever the emergency is. You can not depend on anyone coming to your aid.

You are on your own.

Now what?

If you have never considered this scenario it is time you did because it can happen in the blink of an eye and you had better be prepared.

You have to understand that in this type of a scenario, normal life is suspended. You can not go the gas station to get gas. There is none, or the electricity is off and the pumps won't work.

There is limited food at the grocery store. What they have is all they got because there will be no more deliveries anytime soon.

You will not be able to refill your subscriptions for life saving drugs.

There will be no medical help available and no Police response avaiable. You are on your own and so is your family and they are dependent on you to protect them, no one else will.

So what do you do?

All you can do is prepare for just such a scenario as best you can. Stockpile food and water if you can. Stockpile emergency equipment like first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, water treatment tablets and weapons and ammo.

Be prepared to use deadly force if necessary and get trained on the weapons of your choice. Pray you never need them but be prepared in case you do. If possible train all members of your family in the proper use of the weapons of your choice.

Stockpile food and water but don't tell anyone about it. You don't want anyone else knowing of your stash. Camoflauge it from normal visitors to your home. You don't want anyone outside your family knowing what you have. Caution family members about telling others about it.

Develop an action plan for your family. What will they do? Who will be responsible for what? What will their duties be? What will they do if you are not home at the time or can't get home. Set up a rally point for everyone if your home becomes unsafe to stay in. Have a secondary place to meet. If you control the secondary rally point, stock it too.

If society, as you know it, completely breaks down than people will revert to their survival instincts which means they will intend to survive even if it means they have to take your supplies and/or your life to do so.

Everything I speak of goes back to AWARENESS. Be aware of what is going on around you and the potential of could occur and be prepared ahead of time. Only you can prepare you, no one else will do it for you and if it hits the fan there is no one available to assist you and show you what to do. All those that teach this stuff for a living will be doing exactly what they teach, for their families, they will have no time for you, you are on your own. You are responsible for you and you are responsible for YOUR family. YOU are the only help available. PREPARE OR PERISH.