Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here is a short list of things you should carry in a small bag in the car at all times. Just in case.

If you take the same medications on a daily basis get your doctor to write you an extra prescription(s) and carry an extra months supply with you.

If you get stranded it may be difficult or not possible to get medications refilled.

If you can not get out of the situation you are in or help can not get to you within a month do not worry about it, you will probably be dead by then anyway.

Also keep a list of medications you are taking as well as a list of any allergies you have. Include a photocopy of your health insurance card and a list of all your doctors, their telephone numbers and an emergency notification card for next of kin.

First Aid Kit:
You can buy these kits already made up at most drug stores or camping supply stores. I recommend the camping supply stores; they have more complete kits plus a whole lot of other neat stuff you may like to add to your kit.

Make sure you include in your kit, a mirror, small knife and a scissors. Or, make up a kit yourself. Go to your local fire department, talk with a paramedic and see what they carry. Get suggestions from them. They can even show you how to use different items.

Personal Items:
Be sure to include an extra pair of glasses or contacts, even if they are the cheap dime store magnifying glasses.

Throw in a few favorite snacks, at least a quart of drinking water and a collapsible cup. And don’t forget a comb and brush so you can look pretty for the nice rescue people.

Other Items:
Get a good metal flashlight that requires 4-5 batteries. Not only are they durable but they can be used as a weapon if necessary. Also get extra batteries and if possible a battery operated lamp.

These are some of the minimum supplies you should carry in the car at all times.

Seriously, go make a trip to a camping store or an Army-Navy Surplus Store. They have everything from packaged drinking water to freeze dried foods, all in small convenient, individual packages that can be stored in a minimum amount of space.