Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Of course one of the best things you can take along is knowledge.

Take the time to get certified in basic FIRST-AID and CPR. Not only can you save the life of your loved ones but you can save others as well. Knowledge eliminates panic. Panic kills.

You may or may not be able to save a life but at least you will know you tried while others stood there because they had no idea what to do.

Now let us look at a few other things you may want to carry around in the trunk other than some of your relatives.

We mentioned blankets before. Carry at least two of them. They are nice to have if the heater goes out in the car or you run out of gas or have to sleep in the car for some reason.

They also have other uses. They are very effective in treating an injured person because they can aid in the prevention of shock, which kills more people than the actual injury itself. Wrap it around the victim or lay them on top of it and put the other one on top of them.

You can improvise a tent or lean-to with a blanket.

It can be used as a wind- break.

If you get desperate enough you can burn it for heat or as a signal fire.

You can trade it for whiskey.

You can use it to make smoke signals.

You can have a picnic on it.

You can do other things on it, which most of you probably have at some time in the past, but I will not mention what here.

Blankets are neat; they are versatile. Get a blanket, have some fun.

These items are a minimum of what you should have with you. You should be able to survive 90% of the situations you encounter out there with them.

You do not need to carry a complete survival kit with you, but, then again, it would not be a bad idea.

Think of what items you would like to have along or think of what items you wish you had had with you the last time you got stranded or delayed, then pack accordingly.

Add to it as you see fit. Most of the items I recommend you can probably fit in a small suitcase or duffel bag. Do not get too carried away because you may have to unload your trunk to get to your spare if you have a flat.

Remember, the life you save could be mine.