Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now that you have gone out and bought that neat little handgun you now have to do the following.

You have to fire that little puppy enough times so that you are familiar with the amount of recoil you can expect and you need to be familiar with the sound it makes with and without earmuffs.

You need to know what to do if it malfunctions.

You need to learn how to reload quickly. You need to learn how to do a combat load, under stress. You need to learn how to count your shots so you don't suddenly get surprised by an empty gun.

You need to learn how to shoot while moving. You need to learn how to seek cover and shoot from cover.

You need to know where to place your shots for the most effective results.

Head shots are great but you have to be good, real good, to consistently hit a head shot, so first learn how to hit the main torso then work on being able to effectively deliver head shots.

Learn to point shoot because in battle on the streets of our fair cities you are probably going to be up close and personal anyway. Most confrontations are within seven to fifteen feet.

Learn how to shoot without extending your arm completely forward. Learn to shoot from the hip because there is a good chance that is as far as you will be able to pull your weapon before having to use it.