Thursday, August 28, 2008


Gun Control: Does it really matter?

It absolutely does matter.

If you can not hit what you are shooting at you may as well be throwing rocks.
Gun control comes with practice, practice, practice. Do not buy a gun and then never go to the range.

Learn everything you can about that gun. You do not have to become a gunsmith but at least learn how to use it, carry it, store it and clean it safely. Anything less will get you killed and probably by your own hand.

So get thee to an NRA approved range and get trained by an NRA certified instructor.

Do not trust your neighbor or your buddies you go drinking with to train you properly unless you know for a fact that they are proficient with firearms.

Even if they are, still get your training by an approved certified NRA instructor.

It may come in handy for your defense when you get sued or prosecuted by the state for invoking your right to self-defense.