Thursday, March 19, 2009


Go through your pockets and purses and inventory the items you carry with you everyday. Almost any item you have is a potential weapon to the unsuspecting assailant. The most effective weapon in close confrontations is the one least likely to be considered a weapon.

Keys . Everyone has a set of keys. If held protruding between the fingers they make an excellent weapon for poking an eye out or raking across the face or other exposed body parts.

Shoes. Usually everyone wears them. A kick in the shins with a hard toe shoe can be very effective, especially if you happen to be wearing steel toe safety shoes.

If it takes effect, kick the other shin as hard as you can and then run like hell. This doesn’t work well with soft-toed shoes, sandals and bare feet. But, if that’s your attire at the time you can always go for the kneecaps or stomp on top of the bad guy’s foot.

While we are on the subject of lower anatomy, don’t forget your knees. Brought up hard and fast into the right body parts can sometimes be effective.

Men usually carry a fair amount of change in their pocket. Loose change isn’t much of a weapon but it can be thrown at the assailant’s head and may have some effect.

Maybe one of the coins will hit an eyeball.

But, if you take that same change and roll it like a roll of nickels, it fits nicely in your hand when you make a fist and makes your punch that much harder; plus you can always throw the roll at the guy.

After you lose your roll of nickels in the first few minutes of the fight don’t forget that you still have fingers attached to that hand.

Use them. Poke at the eyes, grab the scrotum and squeeze and twist with everything you’ve got.

Use the heel of the palm of your hand with an upward thrust to your new friend’s nose or chin.

Slap him on the side of the head on both ears like your clapping for the best Broadway show you ever saw.

Flashlights. Always carry a flashlight with you at night. Make sure it’s a metal flashlight, not a cheap plastic one.

Not only can you use it to see, you can use it to momentarily blind your assailant while you beat his head in with it.

If you can’t reach their head go for their wrists, kneecaps, ankles, elbows, fingers or any part of the body that might momentarily incapacitate them.

You can even poke him in the face with it, it can be very effective, I know this works, I’ve been hit in the face with a metal flashlight before and it hurts, it hurts a lot.

It makes you actually see stars. Did I mention it hurts?