Thursday, March 19, 2009


Now let’s look in the girls’ purses and see what we find.

Hairspray! Boy is this great.

Sprayed in the eyes it’s sure to blind the guy.

Spayed up his nose and he won’t know what happened.

Used in conjunction with a BIC lighter you can have a barbecue and your assailant gets to be the main course. Just be sure to carry a can that’s at least half full. Don’t want to run out of fuel halfway through the cookout.

Now if you use this technique only spray in short bursts so the flame doesn’t come back and blow you up with the spray can. This is a very dangerous technique, use at your own risk.

What else is in there? Aha! Perfume spray.

Try spraying in his mouth and eyes. It may make him sick enough to let go and will also makes him easy to identify by smell.

If he doesn’t like your brand of perfume he may leave you alone to begin with.

If he likes it, well, then you’ve got a problem. So, reach for something else.

At least you’ll be having a good smelling fight going on.

What’s this, a wad of money? Throw it in the air away from you.

If he wants your money he’ll let you go, if he wants you then reach for something else.

Credit Cards. What woman is without them?

Held between the thumb and fingers you can charge him.

Rake it across the bridge of his nose or eyes. Don’t worry about breaking it. If it breaks it just makes a better weapon because now it has jagged edges. Besides, you can always get a new card reissued.

Hat Pins. No one carries them anymore except little old ladies about ninety-eight years old or your grandmother.


Put it in your purse where you can easily reach it. Stab the sucker anywhere you can with it. It will get his attention.

Letter openers are just a larger version of the hat- pin trick.

Cellular Telephones. Probably one of the greatest safety inventions ever conceived. Aside from the fact that it’s one more item you can bounce off the guy’s head you can also use them to call for help, PRIOR to being attacked.

Assuming you see it coming. (AWARENESS) Cell phones can also be used to summon help or medical assistance in the event you become a victim.