Thursday, May 28, 2009


The world is in turmoil. Unemployment is rising. People are losing their homes. Crime is increasing. People are scared. How will you react?

You can HOPE the government will protect you and you can also play the lottery. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.

IT IS UP TO YOU, to protect yourself and your family. DO NOT depend on the Government to be there when you need them.

Now is the time to learn some self preservation. The average person does not have the physical ability to be able to protect themselves let alone their family. Most folks don't have the physical ability to engage in hand to hand combat with the predators out there.

With the current economic climate do not be suprised if the states start letting criminals out of jail, enmass. The states can no longer afford to feed and house these people. That means they will let more predators back out on the streets to prey on you and your family. The majority of these guys have no prospects whatsoever of getting a job and have no other option but to prey on the innocent.

It is time to arm yourself appropriately and get trained in the use and deployment of arms. You must know under what circumstances you may use deadly force and then you must know how to employ it when needed.

At an absolute minimum you need a handgun and a shotgun. A rifle would be a good idea too because it allows you to reach out and touch someone a lot easier.

With the Government's current attitude on guns it may be soon that you find you will no longer be able to obtain weapons for your protection. The time to prepare is now.

You can no longer expect your representatives in the state and federal government to protect your second amendment rights. The want and intend to do away with your right to keep and bear arms. They do not want guns in the hands of the citizens. It makes it harder to control us.

They no longer care if you become a victim, it's not their problem. These are the guys that have government appointed security personnel or can well afford to hire their own. They are already protected, but what about you and your family?

You MUST make the decision to step up and assume the responsibilty for your own protection, do not leave it up to someone else.

If and when it all hits the fan you may well find yourself standing alone. Don't be standing there unarmed.