Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you looked over your shoulder lately?

Is anyone following you? How would you know?

Have you ever looked over your shoulder? Your life may depend on it. It is called AWARENESS of what is going on around you, and yes, behind you. Threats don't normally come from the front.

Start looking behind yourself once in awhile.

Does the same person seem to be behind you on more than two occasions? Is the same vehicle behind you everytime you make a turn?

Are you even aware of what is going on behind you? Has it ever occurred to you that someone may be following you just looking for an opportunity to get you alone?

Think about it, expect it, prepare for it. It could happen to you.

Not all bad guys are opportunists. Some of these guys actually plan things. Some of these guys are very well organized. It is their profession and they are professionals at it. They plan their work and they work their plan just like you do. Do not underestimate these people. They are very good at what they do.

It is up to you to screw up their plans. Only problem is you have no way of knowing if you have been targeted.

So what can you do? How am I supposed to plan for an attack if I have no idea one is coming you ask. Well, you can't. The whole idea behind their plan is that you have no idea it is coming so you can't make a plan.

But you can have a stategy. It is called AWARENESS. Know what is going on around you, all the time, not just occasionally. Consider yourself a potential victim that circumstances haven't caught up to yet.

Develop a strategy that makes it harder to become a victim. How do you do that? Simple. Look around, all the time, everytime, no matter where you are or how safe you think you are.

Look for the same person or vehicle constantly showing up where you are or going in the same direction you are going.

Look for behavior patterns in people that doesn't seem to fit the behavior of others in the area. Are they acting differently than everyone else? Do they avoid eye contact? Do they go in the opposite direction if you look at them and then show back up where you are?

Have they attempted to contact you in a "very" friendly manner? What did they ask you and why?

Is their clothing appropriate for where you are at? Are there any bulges in their clothing?

What do their eyes tell you? Are you comfortable with what you see in their eyes? Are their eyes constantly searching the area around them and you?

Does anything at all about them make you uncomfortable? Doesn't matter if it makes sense or not this is your sixth sense telling you something is not right. Trust your gut instinct. It is a survival tool.

Practice, Practive, Practice until it becomes a habit that you unconciously do. It may well save your life.