Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here is why.

Although you may live in the worst neighborhood in the world, it is your neighborhood.

You know it. You know the people in it. You know when a stranger is present. You know when something is not right. You know whom you can depend on in your own neighborhood. You know what streets are safe to walk down. You know what avenues of escape are available to you. You know what is going on around you. You did not survive living in your neighborhood this long by accident.

When you go on vacation you only think you are getting away from danger. Actually you may be increasing the danger to yourself. How is this possible you ask?

Vacation time is supposed to be fun. Vacation time is where you leave all these worries behind. Vacation time is where you go someplace nicer than where you are. Unless you intend to walk throughout your vacation you are marked the minute you leave home. How?

Simple, by the fact that you are loading suitcases in the car it tells anyone who sees you that you are getting ready to leave on a trip. Usually this is not a problem unless the people watching you load the suitcases intend to follow you out of town or plan on robbing your home while you are gone.

You probably figure that it is pretty unlikely that anyone is going to follow you out of town and you are probably right. You also probably figure that the suitcases are in the trunk where no one can see them therefore no one even knows you are going on vacation. You are right again.

As a matter of fact you are probably wondering why you are wasting your time reading this article anyway, you could already be on the road.

So, quit reading and head on out, have a great time. Be sure to bring back photos of where you have been. Be sure to bring back photos of the nice people you have met. Like the nice police officer that took the report from you and the nurses at the emergency room who helped treat you.

Hey go, have a good time, SEE YA, SEND US A POST CARD.