Wednesday, August 27, 2008


You are having a good time you want to be friendly with everyone. You want to trust people. You’re vulnerable.

You probably aren’t carrying a weapon because of the conflicting state laws on concealed carry or you never carry a gun anyway.

But you do not have to be unarmed…………….. not if you take AWARENESS with you. You can still have a great time without feeling threatened or becoming a victim.

AWARENESS is nothing more than a common sense approach to where you are and who and what is going on around you.

Recognize the fact that you are probably someplace you have never been before. And even if you go to the same place every year when was the last time you got a crime update on that area.

Most street crimes are crimes of opportunity. If the opportunity presents itself someone will take advantage of it.

It is one of the reasons there are police departments throughout every state, county, city, borough, township, hamlet and everywhere else you can think of.

It may only be a one-man department, but it exists for a reason. The same reason why resort areas, country clubs, motels, hotels all have their own security personnel. There is a need for them.

Crime can and does occur anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Your job is to make it not worth the effort or risk to target you. It is real simple; do not leave motel or car doors unlocked. Do not go places you should not.

Do not flash large amounts of cash. Know who is around you.

Now go have a good time but keep in mind that criminals are not dumb. They know that even if they get caught the likelihood of your coming back to testify against them is pretty slim; especially if it is halfway across the country.

A little common sense and AWARENESS of places and people around you can be the difference between a great vacation; or the one you would rather not remember.

Hey, have fun. Bring me back a souvenir.